The Identity of Your Brand Made Visible

The Most important asset of your business is your business & if those around you do not grasp the idea that you hold of business the there could be no greater tragedy. Making the intangible tangible is what Brand Design is all about. Our job is to take the plethora of ideas and concepts that you have in mind about your business and make it visible to the world.

More Than A “Logo”

When it comes to brand design most people immediately think – “Logo!”.   A logo is what can be considered the capstone of your brand and should encompass an immense amount of emotional value, and the essence of your business.  A logo however is not your business’ brand.   Your Logo does, however, identify your business amongst the noise of your marketplace.  Your logo is the thing that people immediately recognize as a symbol of all that your business represents.   Your newly designed brand identity also includes organization typography and it’s own unique color palette.

Your Business Face Integrated

Brand design is about bringing integrity to your business face (i.e. marketing materials).  What we do is make the concept you have in your head visible.  There are also times when you may not have any specific idea of how your business’ brand should be visually represented.  In such a case, we will probe, through a series of questions, into the nature of  your company and target market in order to bring to life an idea that communicates the true you.  We cut through the noise of every thought and emotion to identify your business’ true self.

This is what you call Brand Identity.

What We Do With The New Identity

After we have uncovered and designed your new business identity we will take that identity and apply it consistently across all of your business marketing materials.  Since we specialize in web design & brand design.  This newly designed Brand Identity will be applied to your websites and any other materials you have chosen.

Brand Design Packages



The capstone of your business identity.

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