I hired Verious [ Philoveracity ] to create a custom theme for a customer’s WordPress website. Although the deadline was challenging, Verious completed the project in time and on spec. He remained involved and supportive for all subsequent edits. I have since used Verious for several other custom WordPress projects and recommend his services.
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Current Web Development Tools – Pt. 1
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The intention of this post is NOT to be a super-long or detailed post but the beginning of a series that will highlight three of my current favorite web development tools at a time.   I will continue this series over... Read More

Growth Patterns & Pains
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  Letting go of the mindset that there is a need to be impressive to others in my career field is a tough thing to do. I relate more to the, “I stumbled through the race but still made it to the finish line!”... Read More

HTML, CSS & Javascript || How do they all work together?
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Have you ever wondered what technology powers the pages on the internet? HTML, CSS and Javascript are prevalent on the most websites on the internet  even popular websites including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Youtube. Now a common misconception that people make... Read More

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