Four B2B marketing strategies that Boost E-commerce Sales

One of the major components of e-commerce sales is the B2B process. B2B stands for business to business. E-commerce firms have to market themselves for B2B sales and purchases just like they do to customers. Here are some of the … Read More

5 Tactics Amazon Uses to Up its E-commerce Game

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce retailer on this planet. It sells up to 600 items per second in some regions. But how is this possible? What is their secret? Here are some of the tactics Amazon uses to up its … Read More

How to Post Animated GIFs in WordPress

When you try to post animated GIFs on your WordPress blogs, you might notice that it turns out to be static. There are many reasons behind this, one of them being the file size. The WordPress Media Uploader can compress … Read More

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