How to Prevent Image Theft on Your WordPress Website

Image theft is now very common. It is not really a problem if you use stock images that are available for free use. But if you are own a photography website, art website or something that has copyrighted content, you … Read More

How to Rotate Posts on Your WordPress Blog Automatically

Many blogs have the habit of displaying older posts to attract the attention of visitors. They do it by displaying these posts manually or in reverse chronological order. This makes it boring for the visitors. It also does not help … Read More

How to Set and Change Permalinks on your WordPress Blog

Permalinks direct the viewer to your blog post from anywhere on the internet. They also play a major part in search engine optimization (SEO). While many bloggers fail to notice the importance of permalinks, they pay a huge price for … Read More

How to Set Up Guest Posts on Your WordPress Website with Ease

Guest posts are a great way to direct more traffic to your website. If you do not have a full-fledged developer to create a page where users can create guest posts, do not worry. The WordPress community has developed many … Read More

HTML, CSS & Javascript || How do they all work together?

Have you ever wondered what technology powers the pages on the internet? HTML, CSS and Javascript are prevalent on the most websites on the internet  even popular websites including Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Youtube. Now a common misconception that people make is … Read More

James Bobik Testimonial

Verious is a man of Integrity who is interested in the goal of your company. Working with him and partnering with him on projects made it easy to complete a very large Job. He is well versed in design and … Read More

My WordPress Site Is Very Slow. Help!

If you are among those who are looking for solutions on how to speed up your WordPress website here are a few tips that will change your tune so that you are no longer saying, “My WordPress Site Is Very … Read More

Philoveracity Support

[youtube id=”eltXmYIjwZ8″ mode=”normal” autoplay=”yes”] Complete Website Protection. Constant Website Support. — Your website is a huge asset. Our website maintenance packages will keep your site safe from hackers & support your success as a business owner. — Website Maintenance Uploaded … Read More

Ramp Up Your Online Marketing Strategy with these Critical Components

Like all other strategies, an online marketing strategy is essential for your business. The importance of online marketing is neglected by many entrepreneurs as they focus on conventional marketing. However, if utilized right, online marketing can bring you more returns … Read More

Simple Tactics That Can Optimize Your Conversion Rates

While you might be running a website that attracts great traffic, there is a chance for reduced sales. This signifies that your conversion rates are actually low. Sometimes, you might just have to optimise your conversion rates for better business. The … Read More

So why haven’t you learned to code yet?

Is Code the Most Important Language in the World? | Off Book | PBS Digital Studios

SouthBay WordPress Meetup Covering WordPress 4.3

Tonight was yet another amazing night filled with WordPress, Friends, Tech & Fun.  Tonight while atending the WordPress Meetup hosted by Adam Silver in Southbay LA. I learned more about all of the new features of WordPress 4.3 Some of … Read More

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