Verious Smith III offers training to both groups and individuals.



Igniting curiosity & passion for learning.

If you want to include technology training at your organization or next event, Verious Smith III can help. He is an experienced trainer who has led many people to a greater understanding of technology. He offers personal training, group instruction and can speak at your event.

Verious believes that in the Information Age, a person can ask a question on Google and receive an almost infinite amount of knowledge. The problem is, most aren’t asking the right questions.

This is where Verious can help. He believes in giving his students the context around what they’re learning so they’ll be able to ask educated questions. This will help them find the answers they need to grow. He also believes in building a solid foundation so his students will understand those answers when they find them.

Verious has spoken at numerous venues throughout Southern California and has taught classes to both groups and individuals. In his free time, he serves as the organizer and co-founder of a WordPress enthusiasts group that meets monthly in Riverside.

Creative Consultating for your Business

Types of training

  • Organizational
  • Group
  • One on One (In Person)
  • One on One (Over the Web / Google Hangouts)


Training topics include:

  • WordPress Intensives
  • HTML / CSS Intensives
  • Design Fundamentals
  • Facebook Education
  • Basics of Web Design
  • Web Marketing
  • Content Strategy
  • Social Media
  • SEO & SEM