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Website Maintenance in Riverside & Orange county. Essential for every website to keep it safe from hackers, SEO optimized & support ongoing business success.


Your website is a huge asset.   Our website maintenance packages will keep your site safe from hackers & support your success as a business owner. We make life easier for you & give your business peace of mind as you tackle more important issues like actually building your business.


Maintenance Basic
per month
WP Website Hack Protection
Database Optimization (Bi-Weekly)
Database & Theme Backup
WP Security & Stability Updates (As Needed)
Theme Compatibility Checks (As Needed)
Broken Link Detection
Support Video Library
Emergency Website Restoration
SEO Compatibility Protection / Maintenance
Website Hosting - Edge
Ticketed Support
Phone Support
Plugin Consultation
Website Uptime Monitoring
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Specifics of Website Maintenance Packages

Descriptions of services included in our website maintenance packages below.

We understand that you are busy and that running a business will sometimes overtake your time. We make content updates and corrections to your web site as needed if your package includes this option. Whether that is adding images or adding an article that will describe some important aspect of your business. Our content additions and corrections for your website will take care of your website update needs and give you extra time to run your business.
What we bring to your business is over 15 years of experience with the web and it’s accompanying technologies. With our Business / Creative consultation option you have this knowledge at the tips of your fingers. We will guide you through the process of what decisions you should make next for your business on the web to gain the advantage in your market and become the champion you are!
With every WordPress website there will be security and stability updates that are needed on a constant basis. Since WordPress is an open source community the core software is constantly being updated to pre – empt possible cyber attacks that could take down your website or patches to code that will keep the engine of your website fine tuned. We will stay on top of the latest security measures and provide you with the peace of mind necessary to keep your website secure and stable so that your business will not be affected.
As your website is being updated with the latest security and stability measures there is a possibility that these security and stability measures coming from the core WordPress community will break your website. With theme compatibility checks we insure that your website remains completely intact.
You can call us and actually get a person! If you have a question about your website and or need to be walked through a task that needs to be done on your website we will give you the needed technical support to help you understand the technology behind your website.
This measure of security is for the sake of the prosperity of your company and your peace of mind . Not having a backup plan could quickly ruin your business. We will make sure that your entire website and databases are backed up so that if anything ever happens we can have you back online in a flash.
One of the quickest ways for your website to begin to lose credibility with your customers and with search engines is to have broken links. With broken link protection and prevention we will make sure that all of your website links remain fresh, updated & accessible to your users and search engines.
Even with security and stability updates mentioned there is a need for further preemptive action when you have valuable online assets that need to be protected. With site hack prevention we are able to take the added measures to keep your website super secure.
Having a website that is up and operational is important to your business but if your website ever goes down it is important to have it restored as quickly as possible. With our website uptime monitoring we make sure that when of if your website ever goes down we will know within five minutes to bring it back.
Even when every security measure is taken to prevent hacks, and a broken website there will still be times when some freak accident occours. In any case where your website has gone down you can count on our team to come to your rescue with emergency site restoration. For the Ultimate assurance and peace of mind we will be on hand to restore your site at any time within hours.