5 Advanced AdWords Strategies That Will Help Boost Your Business

5 Advanced AdWords Strategies That Will Help Boost Your Business

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AdWords by Google is an excellent tool to advertise your business online using less investment. However, most business owners fail to use it to their advantage. Some tweaks and tricks can help you get the best of what you are paying for Google AdWords. Here are 5 advanced AdWords strategies that can help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns.

  1. In-Market Audiences

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AdWords recently added a new feature called “In-market audiences”. This feature allows advertisers to target users who are interested in specific products and services. Google tracks user data and when someone is particularly interested in a product, they show your ad to him/her. Some advertisers choose a common domain to make their ad more visible. However, choosing a specific domain will bring great returns.

  1. Dynamic Ads


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Dynamic ads are the opposite of static ads. In other words, these ads appear on the visitor’s web pages based on his browsing history. For example, if I have searched earlier for a mouse on Google, there would be Amazon.com’s ad displayed for a mouse. This is how dynamic ads work. You can make use of them to remarket your business to your customers.

  1. Real-time Updates

While inserting your ad code in AdWords, you can make it more interesting. Say for example, you have an offer that ends in 5 days from today. You can instruct your advertiser to get the coding done in such a way that the ad is real-time. If the visitor sees the ad after 3 days, the ad will display that the offer ends in 2 days.

  1. Scheduling Ads in Peak Times

Once you run an ad, AdWords will provide statistics during which time it was clicked the most. This is your peak time. Sometimes, there might be different peak times. Schedule your ad in peak times to make the best out of your PPC.

  1. IP Exclusions

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Competitors love clicking your ads. Some even employ people to do this, so they can drain your budget. This can be avoided by including IP address exclusions. If you find suspected activity on your ads, locate the IP address and add it in IP address exclusions. This will be available in your Google AdWords ‘settings’ section.

These are the 5 advanced AdWords strategies that could help you boost your business from ground zero. If you want to make the best out of your business through the web, don’t hesitate to contact Philoveracity Design.

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