5 Advanced Local SEO Tactics That Increase Your Visibility

5 Advanced Local SEO Tactics That Increase Your Visibility

If you want your business to be locally successful, SEO plays a major role. The basic local SEO optimizations that you do might bring you results. However, they won’t help you to reach your target. This is where advanced SEO tactics come into play. This post will explain 5 advanced local SEO tactics that are essential for every business owner.

  1. Focus on Visibility

You might love to see your website at the beginning of search results. While that is indeed helpful, it is not something to be proud of. Get your business visible on places like Google Maps, Reviews, AdWords, YouTube, etc. This will help you convert more.

  1. Use Google Channels

Google business - advanced local SEO tactics

The most dominant search engine on the planet is Google. Using Google’s channels like Google Business, Google +, YouTube and Google maps will help you get more customers. Google gives preference to its own channels, and this increases the chances of your visibility.

  1. Don’t Miss Citations

advanced local SEO tactics - Moz local

Get your local citations on the web right. This is something that most entrepreneurs forget to do. Though it might seem trivial, it helps a lot. Tools like Moz Local help you manage your business details online. Tools like these send your information to Google, thereby increasing your visibility.

  1. Concentrate on Search Properties

The most important point to bear when doing advanced local SEO is to concentrate on other search properties. Keywords don’t have to be used only as words. They also play a good role in visual or image searches. Check other local businesses in your area and see where they have listed themselves. This will give you a broader idea. Do not limit SEO to your blog posts alone.

  1. Don’t Ignore the Basics

While doing advanced local SEO, there would be no point if you miss out on the basics. Basic SEO like custom titles, custom meta descriptions and optimized permalinks are essential. They are small things, but they work great. Also, ‘advanced’ won’t make any sense without the basics.

These are the 5 advanced local SEO tactics you can use to lure customers to your business. If you want to improve your SEO, don’t shy away from contacting Philoveracity Design.

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