5 Creative Marketing Tactics for Business That Are Easy on Cash

5 Creative Marketing Tactics for Business That Are Easy on Cash

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In most small businesses, owners are left with a large marketing budget. However, some of them might not be very comfortable with it. This is sensible since marketing does not always give the targeted results. But with these creative marketing tactics, you can do some serious marketing on low cash.

  1. Co-Promotion

Co-promotion is a new tactic that is gaining popularity. It is similar to the good old barter system. Here, businesses promote each other to their followers free of cost. There are many platforms that encourage co-promotion. ‘CoPromote’ is one of them.

  1. Guerilla Marketing

Guerilla marketing is just a jargon for ‘non-traditional’ marketing. Most of this marketing is done by interacting with the customer face-to-face. It also involves cold calling. If you have a good marketing team, you can do this with your very own employees.

creative marketing ideas
Think of creative marketing ideas to sustain your business
  1. YouTube Marketing

Big businesses shell out a large amount of money by posting ads on YouTube. But if you are not willing to spend that much, you can still use YouTube. Just create a channel for your business and create awesome videos. With great videos and good SEO, you will be marketing your business on a low budget.

  1. Location Marketing

Market your products or services at malls, supermarkets, parks, etc. This is where you can interact with potential customers for less money. Sometimes, it is even free if you get lucky.

  1. Seasonal Marketing

Seasonal marketing isn’t a new term. In fact, this is followed by big businesses as well. Give promotions, offers, discounts etc. during seasons and holidays. This will really boost your business by increasing the sales volume.

These are some of the creative marketing tactics to get you started with. You can also reach more customers with a great website for your business. If you are interested in creating one, have a look at our Dream Package.

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