5 Economical Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Your Online Business

5 Economical Guerrilla Marketing Tactics for Your Online Business

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Great marketing tactics will help you hack the growth of your online business. Current market noise, makes it difficult for normal tactics to bring you the desired results. This is when you need to incorporate guerrilla marketing tactics.

Guerrilla marketing tactics are often referred to as impromptu tactics. They are unconventional and randomly used by marketers. However, this trend is becoming more famous now, especially among online businesses. Here are some of them.

  1. Involve Influencers

If you use social media, you will see many people who post about products. These people have many followers. They could be models, celebrities or even the guy next door. These people are called ‘social media influencers’. Companies pay influencers to promote their products. This is very economical compared to conventional marketing. It also has a greater reach because the followers will want to use the product.

  1. Give Freebies

People love free stuff. Many customers will increase their shopping cart value for a freebie. But while giving a freebie, make sure you have your brand name printed on it. That way, your customer indirectly markets for you.

  1. Send Mails with Offers and Discounts

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When you send newsletters, add offers and discounts for regular customers. This will increase your chances of sales.

  1. Use More Videos

Videos speak volumes compared to a boring text article. Use more videos to promote your sales, both on your site and on social media.

  1. Experiment with New Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

The point of guerrilla marketing is to be completely creative. Experiment with new tactics that do not involve much investment. If something cracks, you can sit back and relax.

These are the best ways to try out guerilla marketing tactics. Subscribe to our blog to be updated on the latest business tactics. If you are interested in creating an excellent online business, have a look at the DREAM package.

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