5 Tactics Amazon Uses to Up its E-commerce Game

5 Tactics Amazon Uses to Up its E-commerce Game

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Amazon is the biggest e-commerce retailer on this planet. It sells up to 600 items per second in some regions. But how is this possible? What is their secret? Here are some of the tactics Amazon uses to up its e-commerce game. If they work for Amazon, they must work for you too.

  1. Collect Data. More than anything, Use it!

Most small business owners make it a point to collect data from their users. However, they fail to make use of it properly. Amazon uses its customers details, sends emails to persuade them to buy the products they are interested in. It also uses this data to display ads that are specific to an individual’s purchasing history.

  1. Create a Loyalty Program

Amazon provides ‘Prime’ subscription for its special users. Prime users are treated with reverence, but they pay a special subscription for it. Design a loyalty program for your customers. This gives extra profit and also more sales.

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  1. Timed Deals

Amazon launches daily deals and timed deals. These expire within a designated time and increases the urge to shop. Flash sales are also a type of tactic that creates demand. Ultimately, you end up selling very fast.

  1. Allow Other Sellers

Amazon has the biggest network of sellers. It allows individual sellers and other companies to sell as well. This is something that helps them get a lot of products.

  1. Free Delivery

Amazon offers free delivery for its prime customers. Even other customers are eligible if they get products above the minimum amount. You can try offers like free delivery for first-time customers, loyal customers, etc. This will definitely work.

These are some of the tactics Amazon uses to get its sales up and going. There are more, but they are not easy to spot. Give them and try and see how well they work for you. To pull this off, you might need an excellent website. Check out our DREAM package to get one.

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