Basic Keyword Research and Implementation for Your Blog Posts

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Keywords are one of the most important factors that drive traffic to your website for free. This is why you must pay more attention to basic keyword research. Search Engine Optimization keeps changing with time and to keep up with the trends, it is vital that you do some basic keyword research every time before you do a blog post.

Here are a few simple steps to some basic keyword research.

Determine the Value of the Keyword

If you write a blog post without a keyword, it is better not to write a blog post at all. The standard practice is to choose a keyword and write a blog post revolving it. This will attract customers easily to your website. But the value of the keyword determines the volume of visitors to your website. The better the keyword value, the bigger the hits on your website.

Google AdWords is one of the most used tools to determine the value of your keyword. You could also use other third party tools like Moz Explorer or Hubspot’s Keyword App. If your website does not rank too well on SEO, the best idea is to use long tail keywords. Long tail keywords have lesser searches over short tailed keywords, making it easier for them to drive more traffic to your website.

Understand the Trends

You must understand that keywords change with trends. This is more important for someone who is running a news or media website since trendy keywords attract more traffic in a limited time. However, the traffic reduces as the trend declines. Google Trends is a very important tool that allows you to find trending keywords in a particular location.

Alternate Keywords

If you are choosing a common keyword, chances are that you might not attract much traffic to your blog. This is because it has a high demand. The best solution for this is to use alternate keywords. You can find alternate keywords by searching for the keyword on Google. At the bottom of the search page, you will find ‘related searches’.

related searches in basic keyword research

You could use any of these related searches as a keyword by analyzing their strengths with a keyword tool.

Position the Keyword

Planning the position of a keyword in your blog post is also very important. You must use the keyword in the beginning of the title and the first paragraph of the article. Using the keyword at the beginning of the sentence in a paragraph is also a good idea.

Keywords must also be used in the ‘alt’ section of images. This attracts a considerable amount of traffic to your website with the help of images. You must also use keywords in the meta description of the blog post and the URL.

Fetch the Blog Post After Posting

The blog post needs to be crawled after posting. This can be done using the Google Webmasters tool from your Google Analytics account. Once you fetch your page using the URL, there is a chance that Google recognizes the keywords in your blog post quicker than it does automatically.

This is the most basic way to make use of SEO to bring more visitors to your website. If you want to attract more results from SEO, then it is best to hire an SEO expert. Contact us if you want to ramp up your SEO level.

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