4 Email Marketing Integration Tactics for Better Reach

4 Email Marketing Integration Tactics for Better Reach

It is true that email marketing is one of the oldest forms of internet marketing. But it is true that email marketing alone does not fetch good results. In 2017, simple tactics are not going to work efficiently. However, integration of email marketing and other digital marketing ideas could work great. These are what we would like to call email marketing integration tactics. Here are some of them to begin with.

  1. Mobile + Email Marketing

If you use software for making newsletters, make sure that they are optimized for mobile. When someone opens the email you send them on mobile phones, it should be readable. If you add media or links, make sure they are mobile compatible too. Most of the emails sent to your potential customers are only accessed through mobile devices.

  1. SEO + Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization and email marketing together is a great combination. But how does one integrate SEO with email? The answer is simple. You can host an HTML version of the email on your own domain. You can add a link to it at the bottom of the email asking people to click it if the email is not readable. Now, they will be redirected to the HTML version in a browser which they should be able to read. Also, the content used in the HTML version would count for SEO since it is hosted on your domain.

email marketing integration tactics
Mobility and Email Marketing
  1. Social Media + Email Marketing

This is a trick that is not too unfamiliar. Social media platforms allow users to subscribe to your website directly. You can use this feature to expand your emailing list. You can also post links to forms on social media to allow people to sign up to your mailing list.

  1. Analytics + Email Marketing

Most people stick to email marketing analytics. Most mailing software provide you that, but they are only basic. There are special tools like Hubspot which provides a deep insight into email analytics. You can also use analytics on your website to see how well the email campaign is getting traffic to your site.

These are some of the email marketing integration tactics to get started with. To be updated on the latest tactics on digital marketing, subscribe to our blog.These are some of the email marketing integration tactics to get started with.

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