3 Inbound Marketing Tactics to Fuel User Generated Content

3 Inbound Marketing Tactics to Fuel User Generated Content

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Marketing is now looked upon as a term that generally refers to outbound marketing. However, there is no necessity to shell out a huge amount of money to market your business. New startups and businesses who do not rely on huge investment have come up with a new idea. They are now shifting to inbound marketing with user-generated content.

These startups are using social media users to market their product. The idea is simple. A marketing campaign is created, and users are tricked into sharing their own content relating to the product on social media. Here are 3 inbound marketing tactics that can be used to fuel user generated content.

  1. Hashtag Campaigns

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Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the major internet businesses that work with hashtags. When you create a hashtag and share it on social media, it might go unnoticed. But when it is a hashtag that relates to the social media user, they continue sharing it. Here are some examples of successful hashtag campaigns.

  1. Stay Connected

Being engaged with customers also plays a great role in inbound marketing. Responding to customers on social media and solving their problems is a good idea. Once you do this, the customer will post on social media about your service. This will interest his peers in your business.

  1. Competitions

While hashtag campaigns have a good successful rate, competitions on social media are better. If you are running a business related to food and hospitality, you can conduct a competition for the best recipe. A hashtag could be used, for example, #johnsburgersrecipecontest. People will begin to post recipes using the hashtag. This will make your business more visible.

These are just a few ideas to get you started with inbound marketing. However, there are many creative tactics you could come up with. To know more about marketing tactics, business ideas and new developments in digital marketing, do subscribe to our blog.

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