4 Mobile Tactics to Engage Faster with Local Customers

4 Mobile Tactics to Engage Faster with Local Customers

Local customers are more important that global customers. This works great with respect to small businesses. One of the best ways to attract local customers is through mobile marketing. Mobile marketing is mostly location-based and that makes it perfect for local businesses. Here are some of the mobile tactics that work best for local businesses.

  1. Create a Mobile App

Creating a mobile application is not a big task. It is very cost effective and worth the investment. A mobile application creates a secluded environment for the customers. This is proven to keep them engaged.

  1. Take Orders Online

Try to reach out to your customers as much as you can. Delivering locally is not going to cost you a lot of money. It will bring more customers and better profit. Take orders from local customers and deliver it to them. The mobile application can be used to facilitate this feature.

Mobile tactics
A mobile app is the best way to connect with customers
  1. Special Offers for App Users

Give special offers for application users like free delivery, coupons etc. This will encourage them to use the app as well as make more purchases. This is one of the best mobile tactics to follow. You can also provide user-specific offers by using their phone number.

  1. SMS Marketing

SMS is considered out of fashion, but that does not mean injustice to it. Most small businesses benefit from SMS marketing because it still reaches the user’s mobile phone even without internet. But just a text message on a smartphone does not work well. Add a link to your app or the website that prompts a purchase. This is a double win.

These are the 4 mobile tactics that help you engage faster with local customers. Give them a try and see more leads to your business. To know more about the latest tactics in digital advertising, subscribe to our blog. For assistance with mobile websites and applications, contact Philoveracity


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