4 Negative SEO Prevention Tactics for Your Small Business

4 Negative SEO Prevention Tactics for Your Small Business

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Small business owners have begun to understand the importance of SEO in their businesses. This helps them to focus on it and work on different tactics. However, most of us end up concentrating only on positive SEO tactics. That is great, but we must also focus on negative SEO prevention tactics.

Negative SEO will pull down your SEO numbers. This is one reason why your SEO tactics might not work. Hence, it is always a good idea to check on them. Here are a few things to get started with.

  1. Check for Content Duplication

Google and other search engines hate content duplication. But just because you publish original content, it does not mean that it cannot be duplicated. Some websites can copy your content and cheat search engines to believe that they created it first. This causes a negative SEO impact on your site. Tools like Copyscape can be used to check content duplication. It tells you which website has your content, so you can report that to search engines.

  1. Website Speed

The speed of your website is one of the major factors for SEO. Check your website speed and keep it as fast as possible. A slower website will lead to negative SEO.

  1. Keyword Rankings

Use tools like Authority Labs and AdWords to keep an eye on your keyword rankings. Check them as often as you can to avoid negative SEO.

negative seo prevention tactics

  1. Track Backlinks

Backlinks are the links that direct to your site from other sites. If the website it is directed from is just spamming your site, that is a problem. Bad backlinks will reduce your site’s SEO ranking. This is because the search engine might think that you are spamming your own links. Hence, you must make it a point to approve backlinks only from legitimate sources.

These are some of the negative SEO prevention tactics that you can follow. For more information on maintenance packages, do visit WP nucleus.

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