Top Three Marketing Tactics that Are Essential for Every Business

Top Three Marketing Tactics that Are Essential for Every Business

Marketing is sometimes referred to as the ‘right hand’ of a business. In our previous post for the ‘Tactical Thursday’ column, we discussed the importance of brand visibility along with a few tactics. Marketing tactics also lend a helping hand to your brand. But marketing is a bigger domain when compared to branding. Branding is also included in marketing.

While there are a variety of marketing tactics that are being put to use, three of them make it to the top. They are essential for your business and have worked ‘magic’ for many entrepreneurs. What makes them more important is that they work with any business and help develop a brand.

Attraction Tactics

Your business will flourish only when you attract or lure customers to avail your products and services. In the present age, there is a huge competition for businesses in every domain.

attraction in marketing tactics

Attraction tactics include anything from advertisements, commercials, offers, events, promotions etc. Online advertising and social media marketing are the most trending areas in attracting potential customers. Hence, it is indispensable to plan out your attraction tactics and execute them rightly.

Conversion Tactics

You must convert your products into customers to keep your business going. Marketing plays a very important role here. Engaging in a conversation with the customers is an old conversion tactic.

conversion in marketing tactics

Face-to-face marketing is a conversion tactic where your marketing professional engages in a direct conversation with the prospect. Internet marketing makes use of links to drive the customer to the product or the service. This technique is generally referred to as “call to action”.

Retention Tactics

We stressed the need for the importance of customer retention in our previous post here. Retention tactics are more important than attraction tactics. You can easily attract a customer, but it is very hard to retain him.

retention in marketing tactics

Most businesses end up in the dust because they focus on attraction rather than retention. Retaining customers is of the most important pillars of your business and it should be planned accordingly. Retention tactics include special offers and services for existing customers, but they are just basic. While customer retention is a tough job, you must never neglect it.

These are the top three marketing tactics that are essential for every business. To get the best out of your web marketing, please visit Philoveracity Design.

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