Virgin Galactic & the Entrepreneurial Spirit

  A lesson learned through Virgin Galactic Today the unfortunate event of the crash of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo space tourism rocket occurred. Condolences go forth the family of the Virgin Galactic Pilot who lost his life, nothing can replace that, yet this … Read More

FIGHT! WordPress –vs– Static HTML: Your Bottom Line

Foreword: Even though most people relatively familiar with the inter-webs in my consideration would intuitively understand the benefits of a content management system over a basic static HTML/CSS website. I have taken the time to describe the differences below. In … Read More

What is the origin of Logo design?

What goes into Logo Design? What is a logo and what goes into the creation of a logo for your business? Many business owners are not familiar with the processes that go into a logo. I love to refer to … Read More

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