Virgin Galactic and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Virgin Galactic & the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Virgin Galactic and the Entrepreneurial Spirit


A lesson learned through Virgin Galactic

Today the unfortunate event of the crash of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo space tourism rocket occurred. Condolences go forth the family of the Virgin Galactic Pilot who lost his life, nothing can replace that, yet this accident was a single occurrence.  Seeing the headlines of the accident immediately brought to my mind the perils of endeavoring into any new field and becoming a pioneer in life & reinforced me with a valuable perspective.

A missing message in the headlines.

Headlines along these lines portray the negative mindset that most people may take on about such endeavors when they end perilously but omit a full message of value:

Not to mention the remaining headlines in my feed:

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo Explosion Headlines

What’s the message?

The problem with the mindset portrayed by most of the headlines is that they do not offer the full picture.   Yes,  the crash was a terrible accident.    The lost life is incredibly unfortunate BUT what about the progress that is soon to come??
The masses swallow this type of news and the messages sent forth by it hook, line and sinker without giving it a second thought as to how it might be affecting them. The overall message is  DON’T TAKE RISKS!  Protect yourself!   Stay comfortable with what you have and where you are at.

Retreat is not an option.

Even though these messages are not explicitly communicated they are the underlying message.  It is as if the media scorns a risk taker by saying in effect, “I told you so!”  when there is failure, yet they fail to highlight possible lessons learned and the successes that are sure to follow.   The underlying but main priority becomes to send a message of, “RETREAT into your own corner of life and don’t make too much noise.  Stop trying to shake things up!”   You get the point?

Do it again!

What I would say to Virgin Galactic and to Sir. Richard Branson if I were to speak to him personally is, “Do it again!”  This is the path they will take without a bit of my input, which they communicated in this statement published on their website today:


Virgin Galactic Website Statement


What am I saying?

What I am saying to every entrepreneur at heart and those endeavoring to create new levels of success in their life by bursting past previous barriers is, “If you’ve crashed in burned in some ways and given up to any degree or become discouraged, Get up and do it again!  Dust yourself off, continue to move forward and ignore the naysayers.” (They’ve never contributed an ounce to your success any way…)


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  1. debra
    | Reply

    Great article! I am doing EVERYTHING I can to “bursting past previous barriers” to realize my entrepreneurial vision and dreams.

    • Verious
      | Reply

      I’m rooting for you Debra and will do whatever is in my power to be a help in that quest.

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