How to Develop Local Marketing by Spending Just One Hour a Day

How to Develop Local Marketing by Spending Just One Hour a Day

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For most business owners, time is a big deal. In fact, every second counts. This is one of the major reasons why they fail to concentrate on their local marketing strategies. Digital marketing is important for local businesses irrespective of their sizes.

Small business owners might not employ marketing experts since it would not fit in their budgets. But any business owner can spend one hour a day. This time can be utilized to improve local marketing.

Search Engine Optimization – 15 minutes

Spending 15 minutes on SEO per day is more than enough. Check all your blog posts using the Yoast SEO tool and improve posts which need work.

Conversion Rate Optimization – 10 minutes

Spend at least 10 minutes per day on conversion rates. These are important for a business owner and it is the main objective of marketing. Do simple optimizations like color change, text change, and graphics change to improve conversion rates.

local marketing improvization
Improvise your local marketing strategy

Social Media – 10 minutes

Social media optimization is quite essential for local marketing. Schedule a few posts on your social media accounts to attract new followers. You can also do some promotions. Spend 10 minutes each day to do this.

Pay Per Click – 15 minutes

If you have an AdWords account or something similar, spend 15 minutes a day monitoring it. If your ads are not performing well, change the keywords or create new ad groups.

Reviews – 5 minutes

Visit review sites where your business is listed and respond to the customer reviews. If the reviews are good, thank them. If they are bad, convince them and assure them.  Respond to a few reviews from major reviewers, not all are important. This will help in customer retention.

Email marketing – 5 minutes

If you have a template ready already, it will only take you 5 minutes to send emails to your subscribers. There are various email marketing tools like Mail Chimp, which help in email marketing.

Thus, you can spend just one hour a day to improve your local marketing tactics. To know more about internet marketing, give us a call.

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