The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics Part-2

The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics – Part 2

If you had been following our blog, you might have come across ‘Part 1’ of this series. We had explained the basic difference between strategy and tactics on that post. In this post, we will look at the interdependence between strategy and tactics. This will give you an insight of how equally important they are and why they should go hand-in-hand.

  1. Strategy is the Foundation for Tactics

When you develop a business strategy, you will focus on your long-term goals. However, your tactics will have to change depending on the situation in order to achieve your goals. This is why your strategy can take the place of the foundation. Tactics are like the plan of a building, that can be changed when needed. [1]


strategy and tactics part 2 2
  1. Strategy and Tactics are Like Skeleton and Muscle

A human being or any other vertebrate must have a skeleton and muscles to function. Strategies can be divided into the vision, mission, and values of your business. Tactics consist of deadlines, budgets, resources, funding, marketing, etc. Therefore, a strategy is the skeleton and tactics are the muscles of your business.  [2]


  1. Tactics are Subordinates to the Strategy

In his book titled The Practice of Everyday Life (1984), French scholar Michel de Certeau clarifies something. There are in line with the above two explanations of the link between strategy and tactics. Michel de Certeau says that strategies are an identification of key campaigns in war. Tactics are the operations that help win small battles. Hence, tactics are subordinates to strategies. That is how they go hand-in-hand. [3]

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Though strategy and tactics are different, you might have understood that they unite for a common cause. That cause is to uphold your business. Subscribe to our blog to stay updated on the tips and tricks of digital marketing.




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[3] Michel de Certeau (1984)

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