Top 5 WordPress Optimisation Tactics to Get the Best out of Your Blog

You might have a greatly designed WordPress blog with great SEO. There could even be many visitors lining up to see your website. However, there could still be a reason why you do not get any conversions or sales. This … Read More

WordPress 4.8 Testing: A Look at the New Features in the Latest Edition

WordPress 4.8 promises a lot of new features, and we explained them in our previous article. But in order to get a better idea, we installed the latest version in a test environment. The new version is definitely stable, though … Read More

WordPress 4.8 Release: What’s New and What to Expect

As the advent of WordPress 4.8 gets closer you may find yourself asking the question,”What new features will I see in the upcoming WordPress version that will improve my life?.” With WordPress 4.8, you can do a few things that were … Read More

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