WordPress 4.8 Testing: A Look at the New Features in the Latest Edition

WordPress 4.8 Testing: A Look at the New Features in the Latest Edition

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WordPress 4.8 promises a lot of new features, and we explained them in our previous article. But in order to get a better idea, we installed the latest version in a test environment. The new version is definitely stable, though it is still in development. The new features work flawlessly and we tested some of them. Here is a detailed report of the WordPress 4.8 testing by Philoveracity.

  1. Visual Editor in the Text Widget

The text widget in the previous versions of WordPress only supported HTML. But now, we have the visual editor. The text widget editor looks like a mini post editor.

Wordpress 4.8 Testing 1
A text with Bold formatting in the visual editor of the text widget


Wordpress 4.8 Testing 2
A text with Bold formatting in the text editor of the text widget


With this feature, you need not use HTML tags in the text widget anymore.

2. Image and Video Widgets

For the earlier versions of WordPress, you had to insert an HTML code in the text widget to insert an image. Otherwise, there were third party image widgets. During our WordPress 4.8 testing, we found the image and video widgets to be excellent.

Wordpress 4.8 Testing 3

Wordpress 4.8 Testing 3
The “Insert from URL” option allows you to insert images from any link


Wordpress 4.8 Testing 3
We tried inserting our logo from Yelp and it worked fine


Wordpress 4.8 Testing 6
Likewise, the video widget was tested with an URL from our channel, and it worked great!


3. WordPress Events on Dashboard

This is one of the most commendable features. WordPress 4.8 comes with a new Dashboard widget that notifies you of WordPress events. It automatically detects your location with the IP address. However, if you want to change the location, there is an option for that too.


Wordpress 4.8 Testing 7


Wordpress 4.8 Testing 8

We are really satisfied with our WordPress 4.8 testing. There are not many new features, but there are a few ‘under the hood’ developments going on. But as far as the user perspective is concerned, we are delighted with the new features. If you want to make the best use of WordPress 4.8, do have a look at our Dream Package.

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