Top 5 WordPress Optimisation Tactics to Get the Best out of Your Blog

Top 5 WordPress Optimisation Tactics to Get the Best out of Your Blog

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You might have a greatly designed WordPress blog with great SEO. There could even be many visitors lining up to see your website. However, there could still be a reason why you do not get any conversions or sales. This is when you will have to optimise your blog. Here are the top 5 WordPress optimisation tactics to get the best out of your blog.

  1. Single Click Subscribe Options

Minimise the subscription process as much as possible. This is very important especially if you run a magazine or post frequent blogs. A single subscribe button that works with a single click works great.

  1. Add Testimonials to Your Blog

wordpress optimisation tactics
An example of testimonials displayed on the Philoveracity Website


Testimonials are a great way to know to create a social impression on yourself. When your customers or clients recommend you, you will get more leads. Include testimonials on your homepage so that they are clearly visible.

  1. Create an Exit Optin Form

There are many plugins on WordPress that provide you with Exit Optin Forms. A pop up on exit is not as annoying as a pop up on entry. Since the users who are about to leave might already have an idea of your business, an exit optin helps in more conversions.

  1. Publish Posts Regularly

Regular posts give a good impression of your blog to your readers. It also improves your SEO and increases subscribers.

  1. Create Customised Landing Pages

Landing pages are a vital part of WordPress websites these days. WordPress allows you to create any number of landing pages with ease. Create customised landing pages for your websites for each of your products or packages. This will attract more leads than a common landing page.

These are the top 5 WordPress optimisation tactics that will get your blog up and going. To be updated on more tactics, subscribe to our blog. To get a WordPress website that would increase sales, please visit our Dream Package.

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