4 Web Design Tactics That Will Drive More Leads to Your Business

4 Web Design Tactics That Will Drive More Leads to Your Business

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When it comes to web design, most website owners are carried away by looks. But picture this: What is the purpose of a website that looks great without leads? That is why you should have a website that not only looks great but functions great as well. Here are some of the best web design tactics that will help you drive more leads to your business.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” – Steve Jobs

The tactics mentioned here are with respect to the current trend. They might contradict with the norms of web design, but they are definitely productive.

  1. Death of the Homepage

Most websites still use a single homepage. A homepage is a single page that contains general information about your business. This used to work, but no one is really interested in what you do anymore. They are interested in what you are doing for them.

web design tactics - landing page
Slack’s Landing Page

Landing pages are now replacing home pages. They direct the user to the page they are interested in, either from an ad or an external link. This will generate more direct leads to your business.

  1. Animated Call-to-Action

web design tactics 2

A static call-to-action (CTA) button might be attractive. However, it will not provoke your users to react. A subtle animated CTA button will help generate more leads than a boring, static one. Don’t make the animation look heavy or annoying. It will not work that way either. This is one of the best web design tactics at the moment.

  1. Persuasive Videos

You might have come across a lot of animated videos explaining their products. As mentioned earlier, no one is interested in learning about your product or service anymore. They are interested in what it does for them. Use testimonials from real people, show real product demonstrations and keep the video interesting. This will generate more leads.

  1. Infinite Scrolling

This is a great thing to implement if you have a media website or an e-commerce site. People love to scroll, whether they are one a computer or their mobile devices. Thanks to the touchscreen, infinite scrolling web pages keep the user glued to the site. Most major e-commerce retailers and media sites have begun following this trend.

These are the 4 major web design tactics that will boost your leads. If you want to get a website that looks great and generates a lot of leads, do not forget to give us a call.

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