3 Advantages of A WordPress Powered Website

Having your business on the internet is an absolute must these days.  About ten years back if you had a business then the place to get your business listed was the local paper or the yellow pages.  Times have greatly changed and the momentum will only increase as time continues.  As the web becomes increasingly mobile the interfaces that we are accustomed to using will be phased out.  In our world today, if a person wants to a find a specific business, the quickest thing to do is to jump on the nearest computer or grab their mobile phone and “Google” their search term.

If you are a business owner and have yet to or are struggling to adapt to the new landscape i would highly recommend that you make your web presence your top priority.  However,  the reason that I am writing now is not because I want to convince you to get your business online ( which if you have not done yet, Philoveracity can help you with) but to  inform you of the best way to get your business online.  What is that you say?  A WordPress Powered website!

Having a website is a very good and important beginning but is it going to be beneficial to you as a business?  A WordPress Powered Website is a website that uses WordPress behind the scenes.  Though WordPress began as a humble blogging software it has grown into a powerful CMS platform for creating content managed websites.  When your website is powered by WordPress then  you can be sure of three things that will give you an advantage.  I could easily give you 100 more examples of why WordPress would be beneficial  to your business but here are three to get you started and peak your interest.

1)  An Investment That Will Increase In Value

When I speak of increasing in value what I am specifically talking about is the amount of capital you will have to put into your WordPress Powered website versus the return on investment that your website will bring you.  Building your business will always cost you.  If you are not spending in terms of financial capital you will be spending in terms of time. Having a WordPress powered website will enable you to have a website that will be easily up-datable without you having to hire a web designer for each new change you may want to make.   As with anything, whenever we “nickel and dime” to get results the job is not accomplished in an efficient way.    Over time your cost will end up being significantly lower because you have chosen the WordPress platform than if you had simply hired a developer to build a plain HTML & CSS  or PHP  website for you or used a template not powered by WordPress.  The Later will always cost you more because for each little change you may want to make you will have to either  snoop around in the code yourself or hire someone who is trained to work with the code and make the changes you would like.  This is inefficient compared to having a WordPress powered website that will enable your changing content on your website to be as easy as editing a Microsoft Word document and have your changes out at the click of a button.

2) Out of the Box Search Engine Friendliness

Another well know fact about any well developed WordPress powered website is that you will have “out of the Box” search engine friendliness.   If you want to get started on the right foot with your online marketing then having a WordPress powered website is the way to go.  Google and other search engines could well be considered content monsters that eat up the content you give them and with the latest releases of the Google search engine updates your website will be expected to output more relevant and helpful content for others on the web.  WordPress will allow for this content to be put out in the most meaningful  formats for the content monsters.  Along with the proper formats such as RSS feeds and XML sitemaps there are several plugins that can be configured on your WordPress powered website that will enable your site to be more finely tuned for speed, indexing etc…

3)  Limitless Functionality

One of the final and top reasons that it is to your advantage for you to have a website that is powered by WordPress is its limitless functionality.  By default the open – source WordPress software is available to developers worldwide for absolute customization.  This software is also supported worldwide by thousands of developers who know and love the product and care about it’s future because their livelihoods depend on the success of the software.  Many of these developers ( including myself) spend thousands of hours developing the software for their clients and a great portion of them are pouring their efforts back into the worldwide WordPress community through the development of plugins that extend the core functionality of the WordPress software.  There is first and foremost the plugin repository located at wordpress.org but there are also priemium plugin communities like wpmudev & codecanyon.  The premium communities sometime offer plugins that cannot be found in the plugin repository.  All of this simply means less development hours and less money spent on your custom website.  Do you want a specific function on your website?  With WordPress finding a plugin to meet the need is not hard and if there is no plugin to fill the need then the WordPress API is very rich and offers many ways to solve your business problem and website need.


Having your business on the internet in a quality way is an investment that WordPress makes incredibly easy.  The above benefits are just a start.


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