5 Psychological Marketing Tactics that Every Business Owner Must Try

5 Psychological Marketing Tactics that Every Business Owner Must Try

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When it comes to marketing, psychology acts as a major influencer. Some experts term psychological marketing tactics as “shameless” marketing. However, you need not be offended because practically, every entrepreneur is shameless.

In most cases, psychological marketing tactics work well, if executed meticulously. Here are a few of these tactics to begin with.

  1. Bring in the Emotion

Apple won the Best Commercial award for its “Think Different” campaign in 1998. Though it had nothing to do with the products, it had an emotional touch. Benefits of the product or service have an emotional connection. They usually outsell features.

  1. Hint your Flaws


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You might not really be happy doing this, but it actually works. Volkswagen once advertised that it scraps one in fifty cars to ensure quality. While it seems bad, it highlights a flaw of the production process without affecting its sales. Try doing something like that.

  1. Reposition Yourself

A food products manufacturer advertised their unpolished pulses saying it was natural and free of chemicals. This put the other manufacturers in a position where they did not dream of. People saw the other pulses as unhealthy. This is how psychological marketing tactics can be used to reposition your brand.

  1. Emphasize Exclusivity

Everyone dreams to be exclusive, no matter what. The Cadbury Bournville chocolate was advertised with the tagline “You don’t just buy a Bournville. You earn it”. Thus, they made their chocolate feel premium even though it was actually not. This is one of the most important tactics when it comes to psychology.

  1. Facilitate FUD

FUD stands for Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. The same example as for the pulses mentioned above can suit here too. People were afraid to purchase polished pulses since they were uncertain about the chemicals used in polishing.

These are the 5 psychological marketing tactics that should be experimented by every entrepreneur. To make use of online entrepreneurship, please visit Philoveracity Design.

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