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In life and business focus will take us a long way. What are you focused on? What are the goals and milestones for your life? Do you feel overwhelmed with life and business? Recently listening to a marketing trainer named Michael Port I picked up a valuable nugget. What he said was that most of the time when we feel overwhelmed it is not necessarily because we have so much going on but because we lack direction. If we our energy is distributed in a scattered and unorganized way then our efforts are diluted. What’s your focus? Sometimes we just need to stop and regroup. When I find myself feeling overwhelmed i stop and re-evaluate, my projects & what I have been doing. These reevaluations bring my primary goals back in mind and help me to eliminate what has been stealing valuable time and energy.

Are your efforts being diluted or are you focused and closing the gaps of your goals? How are you doing this?

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I am the Creative Director of Philoveracity Design . I live in Corona, CA. The current focus of my career is to continue to build important new business relationships while nurturing current connections by properly stewarding the time & talents that God has given me.

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