5 Online Retention Marketing Tactics that Could Save Your Business

5 Online Retention Marketing Tactics that Could Save Your Business

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When you take your business online, you will have to find better ways of customer retention. Conventional retention techniques will not work for online businesses. You will have to use online retention tactics to keep your customers visiting your website. Here are some of those tactics to get started with.

  1. Send Personalized Email

Most businesses send emails to their customers. No customer would be interested in a general mail that resembles a newsletter. Personalize your mail and add the customer’s name to it. This will appeal to him.

  1. Classify and Segregate Emails

Sending one email to the whole bunch of customers is useless. Segregate customer data according to age, demographics, gender, etc. and classify them into groups. Create emails for these groups separately and send it to them. You will experience better returns.


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  1. Continued Sales Boosts Online Retention

Encourage your customers for continued sales. Send them e-vouchers, so that they would come again to avail the discounts. As a result, it will increase online retention.

  1. Strong Customer Support

You must have a strong customer support solution in place. Hiring a few people to talk to customers is a good idea. Your customers will now have more faith in your business because of this. Therefore, it increases retention.

  1. Create Surprises

Launch special deals, contests, etc. on your website periodically. Encourage your customers to shop more and earn these benefits. This is one of the best online retention marketing tactics that is even followed by top e-commerce firms like Amazon.

Finally, the idea is to maintain data about your customers and make the best use of it. This is the basis for all the online retention tactics mentioned here. You can give them a try and experiment with some of your own. To create a great website that would help in customer retention, try our DREAM package.


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