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This morning as I prepare to host my first webinar i am excited! I am excited and a bit nervous. I am ready. My passion is to teach others what I have learned and by all means help some. Last night I had a dream that was back in High School and it was the first day of athletic season. If you have ever been there then you know the feeling of being there. Anxiety and excitement all pent up in one. to me the first day of the athletic season meant so much but mainly it meant Football!!!

The risk and the reward of getting on the playing field and actually doing something. It meant that instead of being a spectator i was choosing to participate and whether it was for glory or shame I was going all in! HA! So i guess that is the underlying feeling that has been in my mind about this webinar. I have taught in person and I have taught one on one but to hold a webinar where every participant of the world wide playing field (the internet) can see and I could become a gazing stock is a whole new thing.

I am excited and my blood is pumping! Will you be there? We will be covering the basics of WordPress and helping each attendee to get a better grip of the platform. We will be removing misunderstandings and myths. Come join us today and get filled in on what makes WordPress the platform for your Business to be on!

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  1. Joseph Walker
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    As I do understand what it feels like in the football glory days of old, anxiety and excitement meant that you where ready for anything! Thank you Verious for this webinar

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