SouthBay WordPress Meetup Covering WordPress 4.3


Tonight was yet another amazing night filled with WordPress, Friends, Tech & Fun.  Tonight while atending the WordPress Meetup hosted by Adam Silver in Southbay LA. I learned more about all of the new features of WordPress 4.3


Some of the features of the new release include:

– Support for Markdown (a quick way to format your posts on-the-fly via the visua editorl)
– Favicon interface
– Menus in the customizer
– Automatic creation of secure password

We also had several miscellaneous questions that were answered.

A great question that I will cover in a future blogpost was, “Is there a best practice for finding WordPress resources?”

Have you been to a WordPress Meetup recently or at all.  If not, i would encourage you to find out if there is one in your area and attend!  If there are none close by you then take the initiative to start your own!

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