WordPress 4.8 Release: What’s New and What to Expect
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As the advent of WordPress 4.8 gets closer you may find yourself asking the question,”What new features will I see in the upcoming WordPress version that will improve my life?.” With WordPress 4.8, you can do a few things that were … Read More

How to Limit Comment Length on Your WordPress Blog
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Comments are an essential part of your WordPress blog. They promote engagement and add value to your SEO and traffic. However, there is one problem with comments – spam. Many people use bots and other technology to post spam comments … Read More

How to Hide WordPress Pages from Google to Protect your Privacy
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WordPress is one of the most SEO-friendly content management systems available. While SEO is an advantage, it can sometimes be annoying. If you want to create a page or a post on WordPress that should be kept private, SEO could … Read More

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