Writing Because I’m Embarrassed

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There are a many things that I recall about the character of my single mother that really caused me to admire her.   The qualities that I desired to emulate were not masculine or feminine but in a sense spiritual. They were characteristics that required heart. Two of those traits included courage and joy.

Looking back at my mother she was always full of joy regardless of the circumstance.  Our small family could be facing the disconnection of our electricity, lack of running water in the house or not enough money for school clothes and supplies and she never complained.  The primary attitude I recall in my mother during these stressful times was the display optimistic hope that things would change for the better.   She was a hard worker who in my younger days worked as an LVN & would take on long shifts of 16+ hours in the local hospital. When I got older (after she no longer had her LVN license) she displayed that same hard work ethic combined with optimistic enthusiasm even in the low paying job of being a server at the waffle house.

The second quality that I observed in my mother was courage.  She was sometimes so confrontative that it was embarrassing to me.  That attitude of never backing down, rubbed off on me as a boy. Once, I was given a song to lead in the choir of our church and I acted embarrassed to actually put a full voice effort on display.  My mom coaxed and coached me into a full out boisterous display of the gift I had been given.  She even gave me tips like, “Look just above the crowd & focus on something in the back of the room. Don’t focus on the people in the crowd.”

Till this very day, the lessons in courage have guided me.  I am incredibly grateful for the lessons my mom taught me.

When It comes to blogging and being in the professional world it has been a bit different for me. I have found myself squeamish again, yet the problem is not fundamentally different than when I was younger and afraid to lead that song in choir. I have looked all around me & scoped out what others are doing and allowed comparison to stifle me.   The very lesson I was taught as a young man applies here as well, NEVER focus on what intimidates you, focus on the goal.

I write, not because I have all the answers but because I have some answers.   I have something to share that no other person in existence can share the way that I can share.   My desire is that you have been helped along in your personal or professional journey by the insights I share.

I would get the most satisfaction from you actually having your path lit and finding your way to a place of personal or professional growth because I refused to hide my light under a bushel.

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  1. Bridget Willard
    | Reply

    Putting your thoughts down seems so permanent. There have been many times where I was tempted to delete after publishing — especially recently. But courage is contagious. Keep doing your thing, V!

    • Verious
      | Reply

      Amen to that & Thank you Bridget. I appreciate the encouragement!

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