Web Developer Testimonial – Philoveracity Training

Chris Hammond, a Web Developer, shares about how helpful our company (Philoveracity) has been for his business. If you are looking for capable Web Development or a Web Trainer contact us https://philoveracity.com/training/ or give us a call (9510 547-0896 Uploaded … Read More

Who needs a website?

  I have encountered many individuals who ask the question that goes something like this:  “With all of the social networks out here now which I can use for free, who needs a website?” This is a valid question and deserves a bit … Read More

The Commodity of Design

“I’m a trained designer”   That’s my boast and my failing.  Being a trained artist is not all the rage these days.  Pragmatism is what cuts it.  I realize that there is benefit and value in what I do but what … Read More

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