Your Brand Development Dream Team

We provide creative solutions for your company by looking at every aspect of your brand (the big picture) and bring that into the consideration of how that is communicated through our design and marketing efforts. We also provide the personal touch of letting you know that we truly care about you and your business by giving you anything that would be helpful in the realm of consulting for your business.  Hire us for your next project!

Founder & Creative Director

Verious B. Smith III • View LinkedIn Profile

Verious Smith the founder of Startempire Wire & the Founder and Creative Director of Philoveracity Design, a firm that specializes in Brand Development with work that spans the scope of strategic planning to custom branded campaigns & clients that have included local & national start-ups to medium sized corporations.

He is a BFA VisCom Graduate and has a thorough command of Conceptual Communication with a myriad of mediums.

His current career focus is to build important new relationships while nurturing current connections by properly stewarding his God given time & talents.

Senior Developer & Director of Operations

Eric Swain • View LinkedIn Profile

Eric is a Senior Developer and the Director of Operations at Philoveracity Design. He was born and raised in Southern California and has always been a student. In 2007 he began to learn Web Development. It started as a hobby at first, building websites for friends and family but as time passed it became a passion. His eagerness to learn and grow in the industry bore fruit in 2012 when he was led by the Holy Spirit to a certain seat in a Las Vegas church in front of Verious Smith, Owner and Founder of Philoveracity Design. After a short conversation the birth of a new brother and business relationship sprang from a root planted deep in their hearts. He is committed to bring excellence, honor, and commitment to an amazing company.