How we price our work.

Your project’s price is dependent upon the needs of your project. There are three distinct ways that we prices our services.
Three pricing models

I. Package Deals | Base Rate: $85 hr.
Web Design Packages
Brand Design Packages

II. Hourly Rate | Base Rate: $110 hr.
Enterprise Evaluation


Package Deals – We have one simple package at one simple price (Only $199 With a 1 Year Commitment) that will fit the needs of most small to mid – size businesses.  All Large scale custom web projects are handled via an Enterprise Evaluation.

Hourly Rate – If none of the above methods fit your current needs of our services then we will deliver to you a detailed Project Evaluation based on our current studio hourly rate. The cost of the Enterprise Evaluation is a non-refundable $250 that will go towards your project if accepted. The Project Evaluation will provide you with an accurate flat-fee estimate of what your project will cost after we have gathered all the details of the scope of your project.

Base Rate: Philoveracity Design’s current studio hourly rate is $110 per hour.

Subcontractor Rates

Philoveracity design provides expertise in WordPress web development for various companies  and provides different rates for companies who would like to have us on board with them as a sub – contractor.  If you are a web development or graphic design company and would like to hire Philoveracity as a WordPress sub – contractor service provider please contact us here & we will begin the conversation of building a business relationship.

Contact us today to hire us as a Sub-Contractor!

Payment Process & Terms.

Payment Process: All projects under $1000 require a 100% up front payment to our company. If your Project is more than $1000 we require a 50% Percent up-front deposit before work begins & the final 50% at project completion. Payments and deposits smaller than the above requirements will be considered on a case by case basis.

Complete Payment Terms: Payment of the initial deposit indicates agreement with Philoveracity Design’s complete payment terms. Complete payment terms may be viewed here: Complete Payment Terms

Terms: All invoices are due immediately upon receipt. A late fee of 1.5% will be assessed every 5 days upon delay of payment.