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What Is An Enterprise Evaluation?

Philoveracity Design offers Enterprise Evaluations for potential clients to keep the project quote cycle a win-win situation. Our desire & commitment is to offer nothing less than the highest quality.  Custom projects involve industry research, deep understanding of technology & business context inclusion.


Not a Proposal

In the case that your project needs exceed the scope of our predefined packages we will take an in-depth look at your project requirements  & write a detailed, Enterprise Evaluation. Stated below are several primary differences from a proposal that other agencies may give & the Enterprise Evaluations that we give.


Good Faith Deposit

Each Enterprise Evaluation has the preliminary requirement of a $250 non-refundable “Good Faith” deposit.  To ensure that time is not wasted on either end we require this “Good Faith”  deposit before we take any type of detailed look at your needs.  Before the evaluation, we can give a “Ballpark Estimate” of what the project could cost but this figure mostly lacks accuracy  until we look in depth at the scope of work through the evaluation.  The good faith deposit will go toward your total project price upon your decision to work with Philoveracity Design.



Once the initial “Good Faith Deposit” has been received we take time to ask you more specific questions.  We research and probe into the nature of what you want in an attempt to get a very clear & specific picture of the creative direction and technical specifications.  For web design projects we take time to read through all of your current content and how your it aligns with your current goals to understand the best forward strategy for accurately architecting the information.



The result of the research phase is a set of professional recommendations.  These professional recommendations come from a vantage point of the ‘Big Picture” of what your brand needs & the necessary and available technologies that would bring about optimal performance.


A Project Blueprint

You will also be provided with a project blueprint that you could practically take to someone else and have developed.  This blueprint is the result of every specific collected from the previous research & planning stage.

With the Project Blueprint we will know the exact direction we are taking, the specifics of what technologies are included & the general look and feel of the Enterprise Solution offered.


Small Commitment

To begin to work with us on a custom project is a small commitment for the time and quality that we offer you by conducting discovery and sending you a Project Blueprint.  The non-refundable “Good Faith Deposit” will be followed by the remaining first 50% of the payment once we have your approval to move forward on the project.


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