The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics - Part 1

The Difference Between Strategy and Tactics – Part 1

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When you run a business, strategy and tactics are both vital to your growth. Most entrepreneurs who are fresh to the industry get confused between the two terms. In the first part of this series, you will be given an introduction to the difference between strategy and tactics.

The Meaning of Strategy and Tactics

These two words are derived from Greek. Strategy comes from Stratos which means ‘to lead your army’. ‘Tactics’ comes from Taktike which refers to ‘organizing an army’. In other words, a strategy is necessary to define your objectives and tactics are necessary to achieve them. In terms of resources or objectives, strategy answers the question “what” and tactics answers the question “how or who”. [1]

Duration of Strategy and Tactics

You will now understand that both words are related to plans. But strategy is a long-term plan while tactics is a short one. Tactics are more like instant plans. If you want a clearer picture, tactics are a part of the strategy.[2]

In Terms of Action

If you are still confused about the difference, this could help. In terms of action, strategy and tactics can be defined. Strategy is ‘thinking’ and tactics is ‘doing’. This is another reason why tactics are necessary to accomplish your business strategy. [3]

Real-Life Example

strategy and tactics

You can take the game of chess as a real life example. Chess is a strategy-based game. When two players are ready to play, they have a strategy in mind. But that alone won’t work. During the game, each player has to use his tactics to defeat the opponent. That is how it works.

This should give you an idea about the difference between strategy and tactics. In the other parts of this series, we shall examine strategy and tactics. This will be with a deeper perspective. But for now, we are leaving you with the basics.

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