My first time on WP Watercooler

First Philoveracity Google+ Hangout Using new platforms for cool new things are one of my favorite tasks.  I am one of those guys who has what  you could easily label “Shiny New Object Disorder”.  Although Google plus and their hangouts … Read More

Philoveracity Welcomes Two New Team Members

For the past two years Philoveracity Design has operated with a single member bringing on multiple contractors for a short period of time when necessary. Now after much training and deliberation Philoveracity welcomes on two new Team members. Eric Swain … Read More

Pre – Webinar Thoughts

This morning as I prepare to host my first webinar i am excited! I am excited and a bit nervous. I am ready. My passion is to teach others what I have learned and by all means help some. Last … Read More

The Education Economy

Economies  operate on many differing factors but the basic premise of every economy is that someone is given the opportunity to buy and sell.  Here in the united states we are given the incredible privilege of the free market economy … Read More

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