The Education Economy

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Economies  operate on many differing factors but the basic premise of every economy is that someone is given the opportunity to buy and sell.  Here in the united states we are given the incredible privilege of the free market economy in which we each have an opportunity to excel at whatever our heart’s desire and passion may be.  In this day and time we have come to the place where we can witness the education economy.   When I think of education economy I simply imply that in this context education/information & knowledge become the primary currency for the time, attention, affection and loyalty of the target audience.

Hand and hand with the arrival and rise in popularity of the world wide web has come the opportunity for mass dissemination of every type of information.  With all of the information came new ways of consumption of that information  The knowledge once accessible only to those in elite educational institutions is now available to whoever is interested in it.For a brief example of this unchaining of information one need to simply observe the mass of educational websites and services currently available on the web.  A few Examples include:  iTunes U,  Udemy &

The point of it all is this:  if you have valuable and desired information then you can purchase a person’s time, attention, affection and ultimately their loyalty.

Who are the primary purchasers of your time, attention, affection and loyalty?

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