WordPress 4.8 Release: What's New and What to Expect

WordPress 4.8 Release: What’s New and What to Expect

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As the advent of WordPress 4.8 gets closer you may find yourself asking the question,”What new features will I see in the upcoming WordPress version that will improve my life?.” With WordPress 4.8, you can do a few things that were not easy to do in the previous versions. Here’s what’s new and what you can expect in the upcoming version of WordPress.

Improved Visual Editor

WordPress 4.8 comes with a new TinyMCE. One of the major problems that is addressed here is navigation. The previous versions of WordPress had issues with navigation, especially linked text. The latest version has solved that problem to a great extent with the help of link boundaries. This video demonstrates link boundaries and how you can navigate in and out of link elements in the new version.

Revamped Dashboard News Widget

The dashboard news widget generally used to contain news from the WP community. However, the one in the new version will also contain information on WP events and meetups. This idea for WordPress will increase the size of the community.  There is a possibility that you will see events from the IEWP WordPress Community in there as well. Very exciting!

Improved Media Widgets

WordPress 4.8 comes with three Core Widgets. These are the Core Image, Core Video and Core Audio widget. They can be displayed on your sidebar. They are easily integrated to media. You do not have to upload media to the library, but instead, just paste links.


There is also another major update on the text widget. It now comes with a mini visual editor too. If you hated the old HTML text version, this is a breakthrough. However, if you still love to code, you can switch to the HTML version.

These are the major updates in WordPress 4.8. There are more ‘under the hood developments’ that are being discussed in WP forms. However, these are the most discussed. To know more about WordPress, do subscribe to the Philoveracity blog. Alternatively, you can also follow us on social media.

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