WordPress Autosave How I Love Thee

Scenario:  Imagine you are busy slaving away at some content for a website.  The wording is spectacular,  you find your self in “The Zone”, no, as a matter of fact you are “on fire” and blazing with creative juices.  When all of a sudden you think to yourself,  “Better save this draft…”  Just when you click the “Save Draft” button your internet connection simultaneously craps out!


Can't Find Server


You figure,  “It’s okay i’ll just go back to my post.”  You go back the screen is completely empty! And you see something similar to the previous blank screen you had when you began.

Blank WordPress Editor


Frantic at the knowledge that you’ve lost all of your content you conduct your own session of noooooooooooo!!!!!!


Instant Noooo Button


Amidst the panic you remember,  “Wait I am using the absolute best Content Management System in the freaking world, my content is in good hands.”  Smiling,  you go back to your post revisions and find a screen similar to this:


WordPress Revision Screen


Because of this you rejoice!


Happy Bannana


Well,  now that i have your attention.  I would just like to give props to the auto-save function in WordPress.  This is a small,  quiet feature  works relentlessly behind the scenes to preserve all of our precious posts as we work “In the Zone”.  How often do we overlook those small things that make the WordPress platform so  worthwhile?



WordPress Auto Save time


Looking to the bottom right corner of my editor and seeing the little note similar to the above image is like having Allstate auto insurance or at least some form of insurance.



For more reading on WordPress Auto Save & Revisions,  Check the codex entry out:  http://codex.wordpress.org/Revision_Management

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