5 Tactics Amazon Uses to Up its E-commerce Game

Amazon is the biggest e-commerce retailer on this planet. It sells up to 600 items per second in some regions. But how is this possible? What is their secret? Here are some of the tactics Amazon uses to up its … Read More

5 Tactics to Keep Your Small Business Profitable in the Long Run

It is indeed a tough job to keep your small business up and going. Keeping it profitable is sometimes even tougher. That is a problem if you keep sticking to old techniques. Here are the top 5 tactics that could … Read More

5 Tips to Develop Your Business Strategy Through the Internet

Developing your business strategy through the internet is certainly rewarding. Unlike the other media, your business can grow rapidly in a short span of time on the internet. But even for this to be successful, you need a perfect strategy. … Read More

5 Ways to Formulate a Social Business Strategy Easily

A social business strategy is not limited to the business owner. It includes everything from the owner and the stakeholders to the customers. In the present scenario, a normal business strategy does not encompass all the essentials. Hence, a social … Read More

5 Ways to Make your WordPress Site More User-friendly

You could have a WordPress site that looks great with good SEO. There could also be a lot of traffic on your site. Yet, there could be no sales or customer activity. This is because your WordPress site is not … Read More

A Boon For Brand Development Understanding

Recently I stumbled upon a Brand Development jewel. While perusing through Netflix looking for shows to watch i found the Travel Channel show “Hotel Impossible”. I am a huge HGTV and home DIY Network type fan but nothing could have … Read More

Basic Keyword Research and Implementation for Your Blog Posts

Keywords are one of the most important factors that drive traffic to your website for free. This is why you must pay more attention to basic keyword research. Search Engine Optimization keeps changing with time and to keep up with … Read More

Brand Is Mindset

The fundamental aspect of Brand is mindset.  Where is our mentality when it comes down to what our business is and what it does?  How do we direct our thoughts which will in turn direct our actions and the thoughts … Read More

Clevell Harris Testimonial

Verious is very knowledgable of web design and WordPress in particular. His knowledge and ability to navigate problems with customization of the WordPress landscape is a great help with projects. I would recommend him for needs of WordPress customization. As … Read More

Content Marketing Strategy: 4 Hurdles that Hinder It

Your content marketing strategy might be designed well. However, there are chances that it could not be working. This is mainly because there are a few hurdles that could be hindering. If you remove these hurdles and keep your strategy … Read More

Current Web Development Tools – Pt. 1

The intention of this post is NOT to be a super-long or detailed post but the beginning of a series that will highlight three of my current favorite web development tools at a time.   I will continue this series over time … Read More

Faeda Elliott Testimonial

I hired Verious [ Philoveracity ] to create a custom theme for a customer’s WordPress website. Although the deadline was challenging, Verious completed the project in time and on spec. He remained involved and supportive for all subsequent edits. I … Read More

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